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Big Bang Theory is a half hour comedy that involves around four physicists and a woman. Physicist Leonard and a quirky physicist Sheldon are two roommates and Caltech geniuses who live across the hall from Penny, this beautifully attractive blonde waitress who works at the Cheesecake Factory. They live in an apartment house with a broken elevator that they broke. Penny had a crush on Leonard. The other two physicists Howard and Raj are equally geeky socially awkward coworkers and friends, it seems like they live in the apartment house. They all like comic books. The Big Bang Theory is currently in their seventh season and apparently the show is renewed for two more years. Big Bang Theory is a great and funny comedy that people are watching and if you haven't then you should check out this show.

Bang Characters

Here are all the quirky characters. Leonard Hofstadter is the seemingly normal experimental physicists and a comic book fanatic. Sheldon Cooper is the quirky and wierd theoretical physicist of them all, also a roommate and I think he makes the show funnier by having his own seat on the couch and if you sit on it or change the cushion around, Sheldon would know. Sheldon also loves "Flash" the character. Penny is the beautiful blonde friend who lives across the hall from the cocky physicists and usually has no idea what they are talking about. Leonard and Penny has a crush together. Howard Wolowitz is not a PHD like his other friends but an aerospace engineer from MIT who describes himself as a lady's man with not so good pickup lines. Howard is now married to his love of life Bernadette. Raj is a particle astrophysicist and he is very shy to women and basically Raj is unable to speak to them unless he has an alcoholic drink or he thinks he did, except his sister. Believe it or not Raj has had better luck then his overly confident friend Howard.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8:00/7c. Check out Season 7 of Big Bang Theory on CBS. Repeats of the Big Bang Theory airs on TBS. Don't miss the funny scenes of Big Bang Theory.


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