Bob the Restaurant Manager

Chef Kevin here.

Today is a big day the manager of the Restaurant is coming to see how is the place going and if I’m doing a good job or not. Chip and Roy aren’t here yet but they will probably be here in a couple of minutes.

BANG!!!!! The door slams and Roy comes in. "ROY!! Do you have too Slam the door like that?" Kevin asked.

"Sorry Kevin, It won’t happen again."

"Fine, now where’s Chip?" Kevin said.

"I don’t really know, said Roy. I think here he comes now."

"Chip your late, and you were suppose to be here at 8:00 on the dot," Kevin said.

"What?" Chip said. "I didn’t know that."

"It says it on the calendar I gave you yesterday," Kevin said.

"Roy and Chip at 9:00 an important person will be walking through those doors."

"Who?" "More pretty customers," Chip said.

"CHIP!! Get a life." Kevin said. "No it’s Bob the Manager, he ran Kevin’s Pro Restaurant when I was here. So now he’s coming back to check how his place is doing," Kevin said. "That means you two better be on your best behavior."

"Oh we will, we Promise," they both said. "You better!!" Chef Kevin said.

Here’s a customer, my waitress said he will have your Special of the day.

Roy, "what is our Special of the day?" Kevin asked. "Cheesy Pork chops and Special Linguine with parmesan cheese."

Roy starts making the food. So my waiter gave the food to the guy. "Master Bob is here," Cher one of my waitresses said, "invite him in the kitchen," Kevin said.

"Hello, I would like to have 2 pieces of cheesy fried chicken," he said. Chip made it but SPLAT!!!

" Roy!!!" Kevin yelled. "What did I tell you,"

"Um… behave and to give the food to Chip?" Roy said.

"Right, so make it again and give it to Chip then he will give the food to Bob."

A pretty mother came in with her son and Chip gone crazy. The mother asked for a cheese burger and cheese fries and a boneless fried chicken Burger.

Chip made it right away but wasn’t paying attention. He gave the boneless fried chicken burger to master Bob. But he gave the cheese burger to the kid.

I’m saying to myself I am Doomed!!!! "He probably thinks who did I give my place too, but sure I hope not."

"This isn’t my food sir I think this is the mother’s food, Bob said. I'll just give the food too the mother."

When he came back his food was sitting right there.

“This is the best Cheesy fried chicken I ever tasted,” Bob said. "Good job boys with the food."

Kevin, "can I talk to you?" Master Bob said. "Here it comes," He said. "Sure, Bob what do you want?"

"I see here you are running a perfect restaurant,” Bob said.

"I AM!!!" Kevin was surprised to here that.

"Let me finish!" Bob said. "Even though you have 2 Crazy cooks and Sure you are: You doing a great job with my place. I picked the right person."

"Thanks Bob, I really appreciate that," Kevin said.

"That’s why I am giving the place to you," Bob said. "What?" he said.

"I am retiring and I was checking if I picked the right person to run my restaurant," Bob said. "I sure did!." "I seen how you handle those two boys today and you are doing a fine job with them".

"Cool," Kevin said. "Thanks, so are you going to check on me once in a while?"

"Maybe I'll pop in once in while and Good job," Master Bob said, well Good bye!

While he was leaving, I talked to Chip and Roy.

"Chip, Roy; I don’t know how you did it but, Thanks. He really liked you guys." Kevin said.

"Your welcome Kevin," said both of them.

"Come in maam," Master Bob said. I was just leaving and ask for the Special of the day. It’s really good."

"Thanks," she said. While he was getting in his car.

He hears a CRASH!!!

And Roy!!!

Oh, bless you Kevin with those two!!

The End