Chef Kevin and the Italian Chef

“Chip and Roy you are here nice an early,” said Kevin. Now why is that Chip and Roy?

“After last week we decided to come in early because of what we did last week to your restaurant, said Chip”.

"Well good, are you guys turning over a new lead?" Kevin asked.

"No, we just want to have a nice day," said Roy.

“Mike the waiter,” said that Kevin has a call. “Thank you Mike," said Kevin; meanwhile a family came in to the restaurant.

“Cat one of the waitresses,” said the mother wants a ham omelet, the kids want chocolate chip pancakes and the father wants cheesy French toast. Chip made the ham omelet and the French toast. Roy made the chocolate chip pancakes and he trips on something while he was giving it to Mario the waiter.

From the back he hears a voice saying, "ROY!! Make it over and Chip will give it to Mario." Sorry about that Master Bob, well I would love to meet your friend from Italy. See you in a couple of hours. Bye.

"Chip and Roy that was Master Bob, he is stopping by with a chef from Italy. His name is Apollo. What I hear from Bob that he’s a great Italian Chef," said Kevin. "Now I want to make a good apparition. No more of those little accidents that you do Roy."

"Why it is always me that gets blamed," said Roy.

"Well, Chip gotten somewhat better with him being a love bird," said Kevin.

"Thanks I really appreciate that," said Chip.

"I didn’t say much better, said Kevin. I am still doubting that you are getting better. I will see at the end of the day. Here’s your chance now, there's a pretty woman coming in, the waiter said she would have your Special of the Day."

"Roy, what is our Special of the Day?" Chip asked. "I'll make it special for today, Italian style Chicken and soup," Roy said

Roy starts making the chicken and Chip made the soup.
“Michelle my waitress” told Kevin that they are here. "Hello Kevin, Chip and Roy, I would like you to meet Apollo,” said Master Bob.

"Hello everyone, this is a very cool place that Kevan got here," Apollo said.

"Close enough it is Kevin, Apollo,"  "Sorry, Kevin please apologize my English." Apollo said.

"Master Bob, he sounds like a nice guy," said Kevin.

"Apollo is a great chef but he can be shy a little," Master Bob said.

"Do you want to stay here for a couple of minutes?"

"No, I need to get going but I will pick him up at the end of the day," Master Bob said.  "Bye Apollo."

"Hey Apollo, "do you want to help my guys cook an Italian style chicken?" asked Kevin.

"Oh we are done yelled Chip with everything and I gave it to Michelle."

"I’m sorry, but Apollo works alone. Apollo Never works with others!"

"Well that explains something I whispered to myself." Apollo, "do you have a restaurant back in Italy?" Kevin asked.

"Yes I do Kevin" My restaurant is named “Apollo 13 the Ultimate Italian Restaurant.”

"Wow that’s pretty cool name for a restaurant," said Roy. What kinds of foods do you make at your Ultimate restaurant?"

"Apollo makes all kinds of foods. I make Sweetish Meatballs in a zesty sauce, Ultimate Baked Ziti; three Cheese Chicken Parmesan and other good foods. I also make great Italian drinks."

"Wow Apollo could you teach us how to make those things?" Chip asked.

"Again I’m sorry but I work Alone!" Apollo said.

"You have to get something straight with me." Kevin said. "Theres no I in teamwork. You have to get along and we all work as a team."

"Okay Apollo, why do you have to work alone?" Kevin asked.

"I just don’t get along with some people and I am shy," Apollo said.

"I will try to be nicer to you and try to get along with Chop and Rey," said Apollo.

"Okay, close enough it is Chip and Roy." "It’s a dear, Apollo," Kevin said.

"Now what do you want me to help them with?" Apollo asked.

"Why don't you ask Chip and Roy?" Apollo, Kevin said. I’m saying to myself why do I get all the crazy Chefs.

The last two customers came in the restaurant. They said they wanted something new.

"Apollo, it’s your turn to make something“ said Kevin.

"I might make my Italian 4 cheese bread with honey mustard and the polish turkey and honey ham in it and a creamy Italian iced drink."

Chip got the polish turkey and Roy got the honey ham for him.

Hello Kevin, how are you two getting along? I will answer your question after, you answer mine.

Bob, "why didn’t you tell me that Apollo has anger problems," Kevin asked.

"Oh he doesn’t," Master Bob said. "I told you all he has are that he doesn’t get along with people that well."

"Man, who made these great sandwiches? They taste awesome!" a costumer said. "The drink is outrageous too."

"It’s our new Chef, Apollo," said Kevin. Say hi to them Apollo."

"Hi everyone, a Master Bob, is you ready to go?" Apollo said.

Hold on, I see you had a great day with him," Master Bob said.

Yea, after we had a slight dilemma but we got it under control," Kevin said.

"He’s shy to some people," Master Bob said but he will come around. "Okay now I’m ready, Apollo."

"Bye Apollo," Kevin said."I am looking forward to seeing you again, right."

"Right," Apollo said as he was walking out.

"Chip, that was a Pretty customer who came in here for that sandwich and you did nothing," Chef Kevin said. "I think you are getting better at it and the same as you Roy. Good Job."

"Thanks," said both of them.

The End