Chef Kevin on Vacation

"Today I’m going on a short Vacation with my family and I am leaving the Restaurant to you two."

"Really!!!!!!! You trust us now," said Chip.

Maybe, but I did call Master Bob just to check up on you, Kevin said.

"Fine!!" Chip blarded out.

"Hey, Chip I took you in from that all Fast food restaurant. You shouldn’t speak to me that way," Kevin said." “YOU GOT IT!” "Where is Roy anyway?"


"Roy!!!!!!! Do you have to bang the door like that? I’m getting out of here. Bye."

"Where is he going, Chip?" Roy asked.

"He’s on vacation," Chip said.

“Vacation,” said Roy. "Fortunately yes, we do have the restaurant for the weekend," he said. "On Monday he will come back. He also called Master Bob to check on us."

Roy had the same look as he did when Kevin told Chip.

Here come our first costumers, "we will have your Special of the day," they said.

"Roy, what is our “Special of the day?" Chip asked.

"Cheesy chicken cutlet with meaty raviolis," Roy said. "Well start making two of them and I will help you," Chip said.


"Roy!" No, I am not turning into Kevin he said to himself. "Just make them over and I’ll give it to Mark the waiter." So he made it over and I gave it to Mark.

Pretty young women came in to the restaurant and Chip gone crazy all over the lady. The Waitress said "she will have Double Cheeseburger with curly fries."

"Chip!! Control yourself and get to cooking. Oh my God I’m turning into Kevin," Roy said.

"Sorry Chip," he said. "I didn’t know what I was thinking."

"Don’t apologize he rushed on me to," Chip said. "Okay let’s make it."


"Oh brother, just Make it over."

“Hello is anyone here," Master Bob said. "OH MY God!” "Where’s Kevin?"

"Huh?" "I thought you knew," they both said.

"Knew," Bob said. "knew what."

"Kevin didn’t call you about his Vacation," Chip said.

"Vacation?" Bob said. "No, he didn’t call me. I just popped in to give him his last pay."

"Oh wow," Chip said. "Roy come here, wait a minute I want to give this Food to Kate." "Okay but be careful," he said.

"Let me give it to Kate," said Master Bob.

K, "What chip?" Roy asked.

"Kevin was trying to trick us to make us be good," Chip said.

“Well it didn’t work,” said Roy.

"Yes, it kind of did," he said. "We realized what we doing. You know how I yelled out your name but I caught myself."

"Do you need me too stay here?" Bob asked.

"If you want you can stay," said Chip.

"Okay; I will, just until the end of the day," he said.

"You know how you told me to control myself but after you said that you realized what you were saying," Chip said.

“Yeah” said Roy

"Well that’s what Kevin was trying to teach us I think," Chip said. "I think he was trying to trick us because he thought we would mess up the place. So I need too apologize to him on Monday for telling him off. He didn’t trust us for some reason."

It was almost the end of the Day and one last costumer came in to the restaurant.

He would like a Hot Turkey and Cheese Sandwich. "I’ll make it, Roy said and I will give it to Chip."

"Can I help in anyway boys?" Bob asked. "Well you can help Roy with the sandwich if you want," Chip said.

"Sure I’ll help," Bob said. "It’s my favorite word, TO HELP. What will you be doing Chip?"

"I will start cleaning up the Kitchen," he said.

"Okay, were done." "I will give the sandwich to Michelle the waitress," said Master Bob. "Thanks for helping us," they both said. "I will close up the Restaurant," Chip said.

"No Problem boys," Bob said. I will walk out with you two.

It was Monday and Chip and Roy came in early that Morning before Kevin came in.

“Wow, I thought you going to mess up the place,” said Kevin.

“Master Bob came to give you your last pay,” said Chip with a sad look.


"Yeah Master Bob came to give your pay!" Chip said. "You lied to us and I kind of apologize for telling you off."

We realized why you lied to me now.

"Oh yeah Why?" Kevin said.

“You were trying to trick us” said Chip and “it worked” said Roy.

"No it didn’t work," Chip reminded him. "Remember Roy?"

"Yeah," Roy said.

"Well Kevin we turned into you but, I caught myself, Chip said. Roy realized after he said it. You tricked us into believing that Master Bob will come but, to only give you your pay."

"Wow boy’s you really learned your lesson," Kevin said. "But I should apologize anyway for lying to you. I should really trust you two. Were you mad that Master Bob came?"

"No, after he didn’t know and we had to tell him and then that’s when we realized that you didn’t actually call him." “Thanks,” said Chip and Roy,

“Wait until Master Bob calls and tells him that we did mess up the Restaurant” Whispers Chip. “What’s that you said,” said Kevin! Oh Nothing!!

The End