Chef Kevin's 12th Anniversary

The day is Friday the 12th and it is a stormy day outside of Kevin’s Pro Restaurant. Chef Kevin got a strange phone call. This man had a raspy voice and he said you will be getting people in threes all day and then he just hung up.

Chef Kevin was saying to himself I’m not going to worry.

Then Kevin hears three voices saying it’s pouring outside, "I’m not even going to ask why you two are here at the same time," Chef Kevin said. "I thought I heard three voices, so where’s Apollo?”

“To answer your question, Chip's car wouldn’t start up so I picked him up," Roy said.

"Did you forget that Apollo days are Monday’s and Wednesday’s?" Chip asks.

“No I did not forget, now get back in to the Kitchen and start getting ready," Kevin said. That phone call must have really gotten to me Kevin says to himself.

Three pretty identical triplets walk’s in to the restaurant carrying three umbrellas. One of them ask for a triple cheese burger and the other two ask for Special of the Day.

“Three cheese chicken fettuccini is our special of the day,” Roy replies.

Chip made the triple cheese burger and gave it to the wrong girl because he was too distracted by the triplets. Roy made two chicken fettuccini but he dropped the first one on the floor.

Chef Kevin said nothing, he was thinking about why Roy picked three cheese chicken fettuccini and why today of all days.

"that was a coincidence." Chef Kevin says.

The triplets ask for the check and chip said it is "$33.03."

Chef Kevin rushes over and asks the ladies "if he can see the check for a minute?" He saw on the check $33.03 and gave it back to the ladies.

After they left, Chip and Roy asks "Kevin if everything okay."

Chef Kevin says “No it's not. Before you guys came I got a strange call that says I would be getting people in three’s all day and then he just hung up.”

“That’s weird,” Chip and Roy replied and winked at each other.

"Then those identical triplets came in, that resembled somebody I knew but I can’t think of whom right now. If another person in threes walks through those doors I am going to go in to my office until the end of the day."

Long behold an Italian family with one girl and one boy walks in to the restaurant.

"The mama and the papa ask for a three cheese chicken fettuccini and the sister and brother asked for chicken sticks."

Chef Kevin was already in his office, Chip whispered so we can set up. Roy, “get Apollo out of the back room.”

“Apollo parents, you should be grateful that Chef Kevin was already in his office and did not hear what you said.” “You almost blew it,” Chip said.

“I’ll call Master Bob and his triplets,” Roy said.

“Let's Get This Party Started!” Apollo yelled out.

“Everyone whispered SH!” to Apollo. "I’m sorry I did not know," Apollo said. 

“You got the banner that says Happy 12th Anniversary, Apollo” Chip asked.

“Yes I do.”

“Roy, help Apollo put the banner up by the door,” Chip said.

“Master Bob is here,” Roy said from the back. "Hello everyone, it looks great in here," Master Bob said. “The rain is still coming down,” he said.

Master Bob, "can you help me put out the food?" Chip asked.

“Sure, I would be happy too” Master Bob said. "My beautiful triplets are getting some balloons from the back. They will be out in a few minutes."

“Okay, I think we are done,” Roy said. "I’ll go knock on his door three times."

Chef Kevin was in his office doing paper work and hearing the rain on the roof. He here’s somebody knocking three times on the door and then stop. Chef Kevin walks to the door and he opens it.

Everyone yelled out. “SURPRISE!!!”

Chef Kevin just stood there for a minute, then he said “I forgot that today was my 12th anniversary of the first day I opened Kevin’s Pro Restaurant.”

"I should have known that raspy voice was Master Bob," Kevin said.

Chef Kevin saw the identical triplets come out of the back room carrying balloons.

“So Master Bob who are your pretty triplets?” Kevin asked.

"This is Catherine, Lucy, and Electra," Master Bob said.

Chef Kevin said “Apollo this must be your family.”

"This is my mom and dad and this is my kids, my wife could not make it. She's home with Apollo Jr. Say hi Jake and Sissy to Chef Kevin."

"Is this restaurant open still, a customer walks in from the back with an umbrella?"

“Sure” Kevin said. He said "he will have a Club Sandwich with ham, turkey breast and Cheese.”

Roy starts making the sandwich and I gave it to the guy.

The man asks "is this a party?" Chip said yes but he wasn’t paying any attention to the guy’s question.

Chip was paying attention to Master Bob’s teenaged girls.

At the end of the day, Chip was trying to get a date with them.

Hey, "Catherine can I have date with you?" “NO.”

Hey, "Lucy do you want a date with me on Saturday?" “NO.”

Then Chip tried something new.

"Electra, you’re so pretty I could go out with you all night long on Saturday!" Electra slaps him in the face.

“I should have seen that coming” Chip said.

Everyone laughed at Chip. Then they all walked out together. Look, “the skies are clearing up” Roy said.

The End




Some of you might not get why I picked 12. I tried to make it as a math story also.

I picked three's as a clue.

What is 3 x 4=