Chef Kevin's Story

There was a chef named Kevin. I named the restaurant “Kevin’s Pro Restaurant.” He opened his own restaurant yesterday. Yesterday the restaurant was booming. Today there were only 2 or 3 customers eating here. Yesterday everybody was eating different things. Some even bought my Special of the day. It was pizza burgers and cheese fries.

Today was chicken with cheese sauce and either a salad or curly fries. The 2 or 3 customers ordered something different that wasn’t even on the menu. I'm saying to myself that's weird. My prices are fine, not too high or not too low.

Then I looked across the street to this all fast food restaurant. There were cars packed in the parking lot. Then I thought all of my customers went there who were here yesterday. So I was curious to see what this place has, that I'm unaware of.

So I walked across the street and went in. This place was very small compared to my place. There were a couple of tables with just 3 chairs. I’m saying to myself how do all of these people stay in this little place and eat. Like, "what if there were more than 3 people?"

My restaurant is big with benches and a table or 5 chairs and a table. I considered making it a family restaurant.

I picked up a menu and looked at it, it was only 4 pages long. It doesn’t even say breakfast, lunch or dinner. All it says is eat whatever you want. I’m saying to myself, ''who is the chef around here and no waiters or waitresses.''

I looked in the back and saw just 2 people cooking. So I asked them if "they needed any help." They said "no," but I think they did. So I explained to them that they could work at my restaurant and shut down this place.

"All of your customers are just leaving because it is taking too long, and this place is way too small," Kevin expained. "I have pretty waitresses and a couple waiters too. Also I have a drive-through, so people can call in the food order, and come by the drive-through and we give them their food."

So they agreed to shut down this place to come work for me.
The next day all of my customers came back to my restaurant. My restaurant was booming again.

The End