Chip and Roy


Chef Kevin here. I didn’t talk about those two guys that much. So my story takes place here.

It was my third day I had Kevin’s Pro Restaurant opened and I was meeting those two guys that were in that All Fast food Restaurant. They said there names are Chip and Roy.

When they first came in to my restaurant to start work, Chip was going for one of my waitresses. Now on the other hand Roy got right to cooking.

I asked Roy, "Is he always a love bird." Roy said "yup, most of the time."

"CHIP!!!" Kevin yelled. “Get to work” and "stop fiddling around with my waitresses and customers before I fire you." 

SMASH!!! Chef Kevin hears.

"What was that?" Chef Kevin said.  

"Oops," Roy said. "I’m also clumsy a little bit with dishes too."

I’m saying to my self they better be good cooks then what I see of them now.

"Okay," Kevin said. "Chip, you will do the dishes and cook too. Roy, you could think up of more of my Special of the day and cook it." "I’ll help them," he said.

"My special of the day is ribs and chicken rice," Kevin told them. 

A customer called in and said "he wanted chicken fries with honey mustard sauce and cheese fries." He said he be there in 20 minutes. "Okay," Chef Kevin said. "The food will be ready and be sitting by the drive-through.

"You heard him through the microphone, Chip get to cooking. Roy is going to help him." So they made the food in about 12 minutes. Roy as you know he had too give the food to Carol one of my waitresses at the drive-through window and he trips on something and drops it on the floor.

"Roy!!!!" Kevin yelled. "Let me or Chip give the bag to Carol next time."

So it took Chip another 12 minutes to make it again. By that time the guy just pulled in to the window and I gave it to Carol to give it to him. "Hopefully tomorrow will be better for Roy," he  said. 

At the end of the day Roy was getting better, but Chip will be the same old love bird.

SMASH!!! Kevin hears.

Well at least I thought he was getting better.

"Ha" "Ha" "Ha"

The End