Kevin's recipe for Strawberry Chocolate Pudding Pancakes!

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strawberry pudding chocolate pancakes

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Do you want to make light, fluffy golden chocolatey Strawberry pancakes?
Okay, pre-heat the griddle or frying pan before you prepare batter

Slice up Strawberries

Chocolate chips

(You can also add mini-chocolate chips!)

1. Combine 1 cup of instant pancake mix with
3/4 cup of water

Wire wisk

2. Mix batter until smooth (thin, not thick in texture)

3. Pour about a half of chocolate pudding powder in batter.

4. Mix until the pudding powder dissolves in batter.

5. Test griddle with droplets of water. If they sizzle, griddle is ready.

6. Spray Pam or margarin on griddle (Any non-stick cooking spray will do)

7. Pour batter in round circles. Add strawberry slices.

8. Pour batter (with a ladle) to cover the strawberries.

9. Cook till they begin bubbling. (Flip over with a fast twist)

10. Golden brown on both sides? Your pancakes are done!


Strawberry slices

Top with extra strawberry slices.

Serve with your favorite sausages or bacon

Makes about 7-8 pancakes

My Strawberry Chocolate pudding Pancakes

Let me know how your pancakes turn out.


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