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"CHUCK" is a family action comedy series and one of my favorite shows. "CHUCK" takes place in Los Angeles California in a town called Burbank. "CHUCK" is in its fifth and sadly final season and We still Won for trying to keep the show for this long! Attention!! Chuck is now on Netflix!!!!

"CHUCK" season 5 did premiere on October 21, 2011.

Great news and some bad news, NBC said that Chuck is Confirmed for a Season 5 but it will be the final season. I'll be curious on how they will end the series. NBC has ordered 13 episodes.

Flash into the Season final of Chuck. It's the series finale of Chuck and get as many people to watch the show to see the ratings rise.

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In the pilot Chuck receives an email that was sent by his college ex roommate Bryce Larkin. The email contains US government coded secrets that got transferred into his brain called the Intersect also known as a super computer. Chuck now can flash on the highly skilled criminals and do more in seasons 2; 3; or 4 as he got downloaded a newer intersect. (I know, but I'm not telling.) Two highly skilled CIA agents (John Casey and Sarah Walker) are sent to protect him and his family. Sarah goes undercover as Chuck's newly girlfriend who works in a local restaurant near Buy More, not planned on getting real feelings. This show has mostly everything from action and adventure to a great family and comedy with the rock band Jeffster and great performances by the actors and actresses. "CHUCK" premiered September 24, 2007 to January 27, 2012 and we hoped for more seasons. I was hooked the first time I watched the show. Some of the older people might think it's geeky and silly but it's really not, I think it's the best show that was on TV. Everyone should give "CHUCK" a try, it might seem nerdy and geeky but it's actually a really great show.


"Chuck video to save Chuck and get a Fifth season. We Won!

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These are the main characters. Chuck works in the Burbank Buy More/ (aka in real life Best Buy) as a nerd herd/aka (Geek Squad) with his best friend and now a junior spy Morgan Grimes. Chuck lives with his sister Eli and her now husband Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb. Tough Marine Major John Casey works as a undercover worker at the Buy More and Sexy Sarah Walker (please mind my language but she is) gets real feelings for Chuck as of seasons 3 or 4. Chuck and Sarah got married in Season 5. General Beckman is the Head Commander of the CIA Headquarters and in charge of Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan who had the intersect. In the Buy More there are two nerdy friends Jeff and Lester have a band called Jeffster. Jeff and Lester finally found out about Chuck's secret. I'm not telling you anymore. You have to watch "CHUCK" to find out.

"CHUCK" season 5 premiered on October 21, 2011 and ended in January 27th 2012, with a sad and confusing series finale

"CHUCK" aired on Mondays since 2007 at 8:00 then in 2011 Chuck moved to Friday's at 8:00/7c on NBC. Please watch all seasons including Season 5 of "CHUCK." Give "CHUCK" a try even if you never watched it from the beginning. I am sure the new generation of kids will love this show. I will tell you if and when they are planning to air repeats. Attention Attention: You could now watch Chuck on Netflix!!!! But not on TV yet, you can buy the DVD's of the show if you can't wait. "CHUCK" is a great family action comedy with very cool scenes and funny parts.