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CSI New York first introduced with the original cast members on a crossover episode with CSI Miami.

CSI: NY ran its last Season 9.

Season 9 of CSI: NY started on September 2012 and ended in February 2013. CBS announced the season finale and series finale aired on February 22, 2013. CBS has canceled CSI: NY on May 10 2013.

CSI: New York was the Third CSI spinoff of the franchise and I think it was the better of the two. CSI: NY is a crime drama that follows five forensic investigators and a tough NYPD police officer that solves unusual and mysterious crimes and crime scenes in New York City. Seasons 1 to 6 Mac and Stella worked together great. Stella left the show at the end of season 6. Stella is half Greek and currently from New Orleans, so at the beginning of season 7 they said Stella went back to New Orleans. Jo Ward replaced Stella. CSI: NY ended its ninth and final season.

It seems like after Stella left the show and with Joe coming in the Ratings have dropped and CBS made a decision to cancel CSI: NY and renewed the only surviving original CSI! CBS killed both of their spinoffs of the CSI franchise.

CSI: NY premiered on September 22, 2004 to February 22, 2013. CSI: NY has a lot of very cool episodes which some scenes are funny. Some episodes are serious and have humor too. CSI: New York is a great crime show that you should check out.

Detective Aiden Burn started in the series opener and stayed for 2 seasons until she got to close to a rape killer in the middle of season 2 then got released and fired from the department. Aiden later in season 2 unfortunately found badly burned and murdered in a stolen car. (Heroes: was the name of the episode) Aiden left enough of evidence that the team found out the same criminal brutally killed her.

Here are the main characters. Detective Mac Taylor was Marine before he joined the force and he's in charge of the crime lab. Jo Ward replaced Stella in season 7 who is a single mother with a good eye for crime. Danny Messer works in the field/also in the lab and had a crush on Lindsey. Lindsey Monroe is from Montana who joined the team in season 2 right after Aiden was dismissed and later got married to Danny Messer in the middle of season 5 as Lindsey was pregnant, Don Flack is the teams NYPD tough police detective who helps the CSI's catch the criminals. Adam Ross is a lab tec. and great on computer forensics, Adam helped with a case about a game. Dr. Sheldon Hawkes was the former ME in the first two seasons then transferred over to the crime lab and to work in the field. Dr. Sid Hammerback is now the Chief Medical Examiner.

CSI: NY originally aired on Wednsdays at 10/9c from 2004 to 2009 then 2010 CSI: NY moved to Fridays at 9:00/8c on CBS. Check out the action and suspense of all seasons of CSI: NY. They air repeats of CSI: NY on Spike and on TNT. CSI: New York is a great show with some funny and serious moments.