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4 and half


CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigation. CSI is a Crime Drama series and it's the Fifteen season. They had a TV movie to wrap everything up. CSI takes place in Nevada Las Vegas and they solve different types of crime scenes. They work with Captain Brass who was a Newark police officer and worked his way to homicide. Gil Grissom left the show in season 9. Ray Langston replaced him. Then in the twelfth season Ray left CSI for shooting a criminal who terrorized him. Ray was replaced by D.B. Russel, a new CSI. I gave it 4 and half stars because I prefer the other two CSI's from the CSI franchises but you don't have to agree. CSI premiered on October 6, 2000 to 2015 CSI has mostly serious cases but there are some funny episodes and scenes too. CSI is a good show for people who like forensics.


Gil Grissom was in charge of CSI Seasons 1 to 9 and team until he left the show half way through season 9 who was replaced by Ray Langston seasons 9 to 11. In the twelfth season Ray was replaced by D.B Russell.

The main characters on the show are D.B Russell is a husband and a fun CSI who joined the team in season twelfth who replaced Ray. Nick Stokes is the second CSI to go out to crime scenes and the assistant nightshift supervisor. Catherine Willows is a single mom who is the supervisor and Lead CSI. As of the middle of season 12
Catherine left the crime lab to work for the FBI. They replaced Catherine with the manager daughter of the CSI station. Sarah Sidle works in the field and married to Gil Grissom as of season 10, Warrick Brown who got shot and killed at the middle of season 9 was replaced by Greg Sanders who worked in the lab. Now works in the lab is Hodges. Al Robbins is the CSI's medical examiner that is originally has a fake leg in real life. David is Al's assistant medical examiner.

CSI aired origanally on Wednesdays at 10:00/9c then moved to Sundays on CBS. Check out season 14 to season 15 with a two hour tv movie to end the series of CSI on CBS. They have repeats airing on Lifetime and some on USA too; it is a good show to check out.


csi Miami


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CSI Miami first premiered with the original characters in a crossover episode with CSI.

CSI: Miami is the second CSI of the franchise. CSI: Miami is a crime Drama series that takes place in Miami Florida crime lab and in the Miami Dade police station. In Miami the CSI's are forensic police officers who solve the crimes that involve Miami type crime scenes and sometimes it involves the Miami's Crocodiles. They aren't just CSI's but police officers too and work with Tripp a toughest detective. CSI Miami ran for ten seasons. CSI Miami premiered on September 23, 2002 to April 8, 2012. This CSI series not much changed but the Medical Examiner and a few shootings but that's not important. CSI Miami is a great crime show that you should check out and watch.



From the pilot episode through season 3 Tim (Speedle) was a regular member until his gun back fired in a jewelry heist and he was shot and killed. Also from seasons 1 to 7 Alex Wood was the current ME until she left to work in a Miami hospital.

The main CSI members are Lieutenant Horatio Cain who is in charge of the crime lab and where cool black glasses. Also he is the day shift supervisor of the team. Sgt. Frank Tripp is the toughest detective who helps Horatio catch the criminals. Detective Calleigh Duquesne is a Day Shift assistant and works in the lab who was involved with Erick Delko. Erick Delko is a Level 3 CSI who works in the field and the lab. Detective Ryan Wolfe joined the cast in season 3 who replaced Speedle. Natalia Boa Vista is a Level 2 CSI who works in the field and some in the lab who joined in season 5. Walter Simmons is the newest CSI who joined in seasons 8 and became a regular in season 9 who works in the field and in the lab. Dr. Tom Loman is currently their medical examiner.

CSI: Miami aired on CBS Monday's at 10/9c from 2002 to 2010 then in 2011 CSI Miami moved to Sundays at 10/9c. Check out all seasons including the series finale of CSI: Miami. They do have repeats airing on A&E, AMC, and the WE Channel. CSI: Miami is a great crime drama that you should check out.


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