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The environment is the problem, the animals are getting hurt from the environment, some streams are not clear, the fish might get sick and drinking water may be contaminated. I'm not saying not to drink the water but to prevent this from happening is to stop poluting or littering. Buy water bottles from stores or buy those purefying filters that attach to your faucet. Help build greener jobs. The air seems to be clear and nice, but it is actually hurting the Ice Lands. The Polar Bears are seeking and the ice is melting. Soon the polar bears will be extinct. This is all happening because of Global Warming.

I watched a episode of Extreme makeover Home edition and they built a house for a family whose father in the army. One of his daughters is so interested in making the environment more greener and kids too. So the team of Extreme makeover built her a website with her logo. Her foundation is called Little Kids. Big Difference.

Do you want clean water or dirty water?

dirty and clean water
Dirty water Clean water

Do you want to help the polar bears from getting extinct? Be kind send some money to help the Polar Bears.

polar bears polar Bear moving

How can we help our Environment?

1. Recycle

recycle canrecycle

2. Don't Polute


3. Get a hybrid car if you can. Half gas and half electric.

hybrid car hybrid car 2

4. Cut up plastic soda rings

plastic soda rings

5. Quit Smoking

nicoderm patch nicorette gum


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