Healthy Foods

Blue pancakes and eggs

I want to make sure people are trying to eat healthy. Some foods are good for you.
I'm going to show you the food pyramid.

High blood cholesterol could occur when you have too much fatty foods in your blood. The high cholesterol could be the cause for some heart attacks and other problems.

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Foods that are High in Cholesterol. Try avoiding these foods once in a while: Shrimp, butter, cream cheese, and some types of duck foods. The deep fried foods such as french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and some potato chips. You should eat these foods in moderation. If you decrease these foods 25% your high cholesterol level will lower at least 15% from previous levels.

Here are some healthy foods that you should eat:
You should eat eggs, chicken or any kind of meat, fish, beans, salads, and use any kind of bread or bagels (I prefer whole wheat bread or seeded roles and bagels). Vegetables and fruits are good too.

Children should drink plenty of water and with a snack any kind of milk.

Red meats are not always good to eat.

And buy fast food only once in a while. I'm not saying don't go out to eat, or don't eat red meats, just in moderation.

Here are some good ideas to healthy eating.

Food Pyramids

new food pyramid

Homemade Pyramid


Here are some foods that are good to eat.

scrambled eggs fried egg
Scrambled and Fried eggs or Sunny side up eggs (but don't eat them everyday)

fried chicken without the fat or the skinBBQ Chicken
Baked and Barbecue Chicken (take off the fat and the skin if you want to make it healthy)

Fried Fish broiled fish
Baked and Broiled fish

whole wheat bread Poppy Seed rolls sesame_seeded_rolls
Whole Wheat Bread and Seeded Rolls

fruits and vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables


water milk

Children should drink plenty of Water and any kind of Milk with a snack


dinner logos

Buy fast food only once in a while


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