Helping Our World

We all want to help others,
I want to start today.

I want to help the environment become more greener.

It's your world.
It's my world.

I want to try to help people Stop Smoking.
Tobacco growers could raise prices more, or stop growing tobacco plants once an for all. Sure, some will hate it, but it is
healthier for us, planet, you and I. Smokers can get help by getting those patches or Nicorette gum.

I want to Stamp Out
Illiteracy and help children read more.

I want to help children and yourself stay safe with Safety Rules

I want to teach people about Saving Money. I know it is hard because of the economy.

I want to teach others the importance of eating Healthy Foods.

I want to help teens with disabilities get a new Special Education College so they can further their education, and learn how to be more Independent. To Like my idea on Facebook after you read it.

I sent a letter to my congressman, but
I can not do this alone. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Please come back and you may see more ideas to Helping Our World and its people.

Click on the links below to see my ideas on these important issues of our world.

Help me try to save the troops and make all of them come home. Here's a good video to remember to hope that our troops will come home safe and sound.

Environment Page (click here)




Stamp Out Smoking Page (click here)

No smoking sign




Stamp Out Illiteracy Page (click here)


Safety Rules Page (click here)

buckle up


Saving Money (click here)

hoding money up


Healthy Foods (click here)

h f


Special Ed College Page (click here)


Special Education


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