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How I Met Your Mother is a half hour comedy about a guy named Ted who tells his story about how he met his wife from the year 2030 and it starts with his four friends. The story is sometimes confusing and it sometimes has nothing to do with how he met their son and daughter's mother. The show takes place in a New York City Bar and their apartments. Ted is a architect who tries to find his love of life. It's also about a married couple, a single reporter, and a suited creative womanizer. How I Met Your Mother is currently in its ninth and final season. Season 9 will be the series finale and finally find out who is Ted's wife and the mother of his two kids. How I Met Your Mother premiered on September 19, 2005 to present. This show is not always funny; it does have serious episodes and scenes too. How I Met Your Mother is a good show to check out.


The main characters are Ted Mosby is a architect who wants to settle down and find his wife, A married couple, Lily is a kindergarten teacher and Marshal is a environmental lawyer and now he is a dad who likes food. He recently lost his dad on the show which I don't get why, Robin is originally from Canada and she is a reporter who goes on the air at 4:00 in the morning called "Come On Get Up New York" that nobody is watching. Robin is not Ted's wife but a Aunt. Barney and Robin are together and planning to get married at the end of this season. Now Barney Stintson is a womanizer who likes to wear suits and works for Goliath National Bank. Barney likes to say the words awesome, legendary and he loves to do magic with fire.


How I Met Your Mother airs on Mondays at 8:00/7c on CBS. Check out season 9 of How I Met Your Mother on CBS. How I Met Your Mother also airs repeats on WGN America, FX and Lifetime. How I Met Your Mother is a good show with some serious and funny scenes.