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Here are some of my green pancakes! Also on Kevin the Chef page.

Dragon Dino Fight

Joss Falling

Race Track

Kevin Dags is a helpful and handy website.

Kevin Dags has his own pancake recipes that you are welcome to try on his Kevin the Chef page.

Kevin Dags does great computer animations and look for new animations soon. Computer animations are for pleasure and holiday animations. Kevin Dags could do anything with computer animations, from holidays to fun animations and helpful computer animations.
Kevin Dags welcomes you to look at any of my different computer animation pages. Kevin Dags has my own holiday computer animation page for specific holiday themed computer animations.

Kevin Dags has helpful tips to help the world and its people. Kevin Dags wants to help our world by having tips for the Environment and Safty Rules.

For the people Kevin Dags is trying to Stamp out Smoking. Cigarette companies should raise their prices or burn all tobacco plants. I want to ban or get rid of all cigarette packages to help the people to stop smoking. Kevin Dags has tips to become a cigarette free world.

Help the children to read more books or comics. Saving money is hard to do with the economy but Kevin Dags has helpful tips to Save Money. Kevin Dags also wants to make sure people eat healthier foods.

Last, Kevin Dags is promising to never forget the Special Ed teenagers and teens who can't really go to college for some reason. Kevin Dags wants to build a Special Ed College. You could Like my idea on facebook. Tell me your thoughts about this idea. For more information on any of Kevin Dags helpful ideas. Go to Helping Our World page.

Kevin Dags has TV Show reviews and Nintendo DS games reviews. I could tell you which shows are good to watch and some ratings on certain shows. Kevin Dags could tell you not so good or great DS games to buy.

Kevin Dags welcomes you to look at his hand drawings, do his home-made word search-puzzles, hand drawn coloring pages, also some hand drawn color by number pages and welcomes you to look at any of my different computer animation pages.

For some fun Kevin Dags has a links page that has cool and fun games

Contact me if you have any questions, requests, ideas for my helping our world page or just to say you like my website.


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