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Kirby Super Star Ultra
5 Stars5 stars

Kirby Super Star Ultra is a adventure game and mini games. Kirby could suck up enemies to get there powers. The first part is a adventure part where you have to fight bad guys and bosses. The second part is that you have to unlock mini games. The mini games are cave jewels finding and also you could fight badguys too. I think this game is good for who likes Kirby games and its for children too. This game is easy but don't count on my judgement.

Kirby Squeek Squad
5 Stars5 stars

Kirby Squeek Squad is a adventure worlds game. There are 8 worlds and levels. Kirby could do two things in this game, Kirby could suck up enemies and he could pick up enemies and store them in his stomach. You could keep powers in his stomach for later when theres a hard boss. There are new enemies and powers too. You could be cupid where you could shoot darts at the enemies and fly, also Kirby could become a power that you could throw bubbles at the enemy to become a bubble with his power, so Kirby could save its power for later. In the beginning of the game is easy levels and bosses but as the game progresses the levels and the bosses gets harder. I think this game is good for teens and children who likes Kirby.
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