Come in and Share Miles of Smiles 

Remembering Minnie

Minnie (1995-2005)

We adopted a Samoyed from a local animal shelter back in 1995. Her birth name was Laverne.

We chose the name Minnie just as my parents were signing her out.

Minnie would grow up to be a cute, talented, smart...perfect pet.

Minnie was so calm that when she sat outside on the porch and children played outside, she would not even move from there. Minnie loved being outside (except when it was hot). We could leave her on the porch when we were outside without any leash.

When my mom took her on walks and she stopped to talk, Minnie would just lay there. Children would just come by to pet her.

Minnie was very protective. She would bark at people she didn’t know, but never bite anyone. She would lick you alot!. Minnie had her own special corner where she would love to sleep on her blanket. She understood that I have problems walking, and would ONLY rough play with my brother. Minnie would just know not to jump on me, and only play catch with me.

Unlike most dogs, Minnie had a most unique and funny talent, in that she could tell time!!! (and often better than we could)

little minnie

 As a pup, we began giving Minnie treats at 8:00 PM.

It's 8:00 

Then as she grew up, she just knew when it was time, and would head
over and lay by the food cabinet waiting for her 8:00 treat.

And what if we forgot about Minnie's snack time?

Oh Boy!

Time now: 8:00

Minnie would bark letting us know it was now time for her treat.

And when changed the clocks back or ahead? ...


Yep, Minnie would stay right on her 8:00 schedule.

Minnie and her snack
All who knew Minnie agree that she was just the most perfect pet we could ever have.  

Minnie Close-up

 We will never forget Minnie.

And in my heart, Minnie is still here with us.