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Super Mario 64 DS
5 Stars 5 stars

Super Mario 64 DS is an adventure world game. You have to unlock the characters, but in the beginning you could only play as Yoshi. To succeed you have to play a few levels to get stars to unlock more rooms in the game and there are Stars in each level to win the game. You could play as Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario. In each world you will find a box that gives your character a power for a few minutes but also you could find hats to become them, if you hit a bad guy you will be back as who you are. Here are the powers; Mario will become large, Luigi will become Invisible, Wario will become stone, and Yoshi can shoot fire for a few minutes. I think this game is great for who ever likes Mario games. Its not an RPG its a world for Mario. Its not an easy game but its fun.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2 March of the Minis
5 Stars
5 stars

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2 March of the Minis is a puzzle game where Mario have to get the Mini Mario toys back from Donkey Kong. You have to use the styles to move Mario's around. You have to solve the puzzle to get the Mario toys to the toy box safe. There is a time for how much time you could take to get the Mario's to the toy box. If you do you will get either a bronze, a gold or just no star if you win the levels. In the beginning of the game the puzzles are easy but the puzzles get a little bit harder. I think this game is for who ever likes puzzle games and Mario vs. Donkey Kong is the right game for all ages.

Yoshi's Island
4 Stars 4 stars

Yoshi's Island DS is a story line adventure game that revolves around baby Mario characters. In the game there are sections of levels. Yoshi has to keep baby Mario and the other characters safe. If Yoshi bumps in to any bad guy, he would lose the baby, there are 10 sec to catch the baby and if you don't you will lose a life. At the beginning you can only play as Yoshi and baby Mario but in the story line of the game you can increase the characters. You can play as baby Mario, baby Peach, baby Donkey Kong, and baby Wario but he only stay in the game for 1 section. Some of the characters have some kind of thing to help Yoshi along the way. Peach has an umbrella that she can help Yoshi float up in the air, Donkey Kong can climb vines for Yoshi, and Wario has a magnet to help Yoshi get coins. Also there are Mini games in each level that you could unlock if you find a key through out the levels. Through out the game levels you will be able to find a saving ring so if you lose a life, you can come back where you left off. There are few lives that you can have but if you lose them its game over. I think this game is good for Mario lovers and who ever likes the Mario saga. This game may get hard but its a good game.

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