New Jersey State Fair 8/1/09

buddy and I




Avengers Matt, Melissa and I

Movies with my brother!

Bay Max Big hero 6


My first ever boat ride

Me on my first boat ride in NC. Im the one in the hat!


andy griffth statue

At Andy Griffith statue!



train ride


Uncle Gary and I

Me and my Uncle


My dad's family at my Aunts 90 birthday

Matthew wedding second time trying a Power chair

At my Brothers wedding!


Matthew wedding

My new sisters and my brother with me!


Matthew wedding, my dad and i

My dad and I at my brothers wedding!

Roller Coaster Ride
My very first Roller Coaster ride at the State Fair


Matthew and I
My brother and I

Kevin gets an Award
Receiving a volunteerism award at the Westlake School

matt and i at the graduaton
Graduaton ceremonies with Matt, my friend


Tiny Penguin
Tiny Penguin




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