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4 1/2 Stars4 1/2 stars

Rubiks World is a puzzle game that goes inside the Rubiks Cube. There are 8 games inside the Rubiks Cube. Here are the games fit, caculate, compose, switch, roll, color, create, and Rubiks Cube. There are certain levels in each of these games. Fit is where you have to fit the cubes inside a wall. Colors is where that you have to keep changeing the colors on the cube to get to the exit safe. There is a board with colors on it and if you has the same color on the cube and it hits the color on the board the cube will stop and you will have to start over but sometimes it helps you too. Switch is where you have to switch 5 or more colored cubes before it feels the board, it does have a time. Roll is where you need to keep the cubes from falling off.
I think this game is good for children and some teens.I think some of these games are easy and some are hard. I really enjoy playing colors. I believe if children could do the Cube. They could play this Rubiks World and its not only moving pieces around, it's more, also just have fun.

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