Saftey Rules for our planet

I want to make sure people are staying safe and being aware of this. Like don't drink and drive, Always wear your seatbelts, look both ways before crossing and when your driving, don't go pass a red light, always stop at a red light, look at the signs on the street, be aware of fast drivers when your driving, always wear your helmet when your on your bike or any kind of skates, and change your batteries in your smoke and carbon dioxide alarms every year, its best to change them when you are turning the clock back or forward.

You should never Drink and Drive.

A Great Quiz Game to learn about not to Drink and Drive: (16 years of age and older should take this quiz) 

don't drink and drive  


You should never talk on the cell phone or text and drive at the same time. Get a ticket or stop doing it. (Watch this short clip, Its a great reminder and message) Never text and drive and always keep your hands on the wheel.

don't talk on cell phone     STOP TALKING ON CELL PHONES AND DRIVING!!!!!!     Do not put on lipstick and talk on the cellphone while driving!!!!

Everyone should always have your seatbelt on when your in the car.


Everyone should always wear a helmet when your on a bike or skateboard.

helmet = bike= skateboard
You should change your batteries in your smoke and carbon dioxide alarms every year.

smoke alarm  carbon alarm
Smoke and Carbon dioxide alarm

Everyone should stop at a red light and don't go over the speed limit. NEVER go passed a red light.

Always  stop sign at a red light light


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