Saving Money

Piggy Bank

Saving money is hard to do in today's economy.  Rich people could be kind and give the poor some of their money. The Rich could save some of their money by donating some to the poor.

There are a few ways to save money, people could use less electricity, also people could save up for their children's college funds.

Just buy food and things that you actually need; go to the store only once a week if you can.
Some people have small families and some people has bigger families, but everyone could save money once a while.
Children could save money to buy something special for their moms, girlfriends, or anyone that they love.
Children could make something for their love ones too.

The economy is bad, we see it every couple of days on the news. I hear stories of people losing their jobs or companies shutting down. I feel so bad about the people and their jobs.  Wall street seems to be up some days, and down others as I see it on the news.

President Obama is trying to build jobs, but he has other worldwide things to do. We want to help the people get more jobs in the world... and saving money is the first thing to do.

The Economy UP



College Funds
college funds

These bulbs are supposed to use less electricity, but if they break, I hear it is bad.
They are good to save money with the electricity, just be careful.



Just buy food you need once a week

Buy food once a week

saving money


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