Stamp Out Smoking

No smoking sign


Help stamp out smoking. Throw away all the cigarette packages and pipes. Gas stations should stop selling them and just sell healthy stuff.                                             

If you're smoking or choking, you should know that cigarettes are bad for everyone.

I believe if the farmers stop growing tobacco plants, and stop making those bad for anyone's health cigarettes. People will hopefully get the point and get help for it. You could talk to your doctor and he may give you a prescription medicine that could eventually save your life. They have a nicorette gum that could stop the crave for addictions and patches. Cigarettes can give you and anyone around you a very bad disease which I think you know what it is (including your pets.) 3 down you will see why.

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Do you want Healthy lungs or Black lungs?

healthy lung
Healthy Black

Farmers shoud stop growing tobacco plants.

tabacco plant     tabacco field
Tobacco plant fields

Farmers can grow much better crops, like vegetables and fruit.

Vegetable Field Fruits & Vegetables Fruit Field
Vegetable and Fruit Fields


Cigarettes WILL harm your pets. Your pets are inhaling the same bad smoke that you are and they will get the same very bad disease as you could.

new smoking pack cigerettescigerette packets

Tobacco companies should stop making cigarettes all together.


People should only use lighters for fireplaces or to light barbecue grills. That's all.

Lighter = Fire Place or grill
People have stopped smoking by using products such as the Nicotine patch and Nicorette Gum. (fruit flavors too)

Smoking patch      Nicorette Gum


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