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Star Wars II the Original Trilogy
4 1/2 Stars4 1/2 stars

Lego Star Wars II the Original Trilogy is a world adventure game. You could play as all of the characters in Star Wars. You could be as Lego Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, you could play even as the robots R2D2 and CP30. You have to first get those characters but in the beginning you could play as either Luke or Han but you could change bodys in one part of the game. I didn't get to far in this game. You really have to find the doors to get into the levels. It's not a hard game but it those get confusing at times because you will have too look around the place to find doors and coins. I think this game is good for teens and some children. This game is sort of like the Indiana Jones game but who ever likes the Star Wars movies, will like this game. 


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