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The Santa ClauseThe Santa Clause

The Santa Clause (1994) is a holiday film by Disney Pictures starring Tim Allen.

Tim AllenThe Santa Clause

Tim Santa

I know mostly every line in the movie.


Scott Calvin is a father bound to become Santa, when he unintentionally puts on the previous Santa's suit. He is a divorced father who has a son Charlie.

One Christmas Eve, Charlie heard noises on the roof. So Scott headed outside and looked up on his roof. He saw a guy who was dressed like Santa Claus. Scott yelled out and frightened the guy and fell off his roof. They found a business card saying when you put on the suit the reindeers would know what to do. The Santa magically disappears but his suit remains. Scott puts on the Santa Suit to please his son. They deliver the rest of the presents, and Scott says home to the reindeers.

At the North Pole, they meet Bernard, the head elf. He explains when you put the suit on, "you're the big guy." Bernard gives Charlie a Snow Globe and says when you shake it your father will come back whenever you want.

Bernard explains he has until next Thanksgiving until he becomes Santa full time. Scott and Charlie stays over the factory. Scott wakes up at his home and thinks it was all a dream but he's wearing pajamas with the inscription "SC "for Scott Calvin or Santa Claus.

Soon Scott starts gaining weight, having gray hair, a white beard and mustache. He tries to shave the beard off and after he's done. It grows back again.

Scott gets a sense to know who his naughty and who is nice. Children come up to him and tell him what they want for Christmas.

Scott's ex-wife Laura and her new husband, Dr. Neil, thinks he has a problem and he should get help. Eventually Charlie visitation rights are taken away from him. Scott loses some of his certainly about his job as Santa.

While visiting Charlie on Thanksgiving, Charlie insists he's really Santa and gets his magic back. Bernard appears in and Charlie asks him if he could come. So Scott takes Charlie with him. Laura and Neil thinks that Scott has kidnapped him under his will and they call the police.

Charlie helps the elves get the new sleigh ready and the sleigh has a communication control and a coco dispenser and out pops a cookie. Scott as Santa Claus goes on his Christmas Eve trip and while he at Neil's house he gets arrested.

While Charlie still in the Sleigh he gets help from Super Elves called E.L.F.S. So the Elves go to the police station and says to the Police Chief were here for my dad. The police Chief says your the Calvin boy and they wrap him up in foil wrap and Charlie sticks the doughnut in his mouth. They went back to the jail to get Santa out. The Elves used Tinsel to cut the bar to get out of jail and the rescue elf said not only for decoration.

Charlie and Santa flew back to his ex-wife's house to give their presents. Laura always wanted the game Mystery Date and Neil always wanted a Wienie Whistle since he was 5 years old from their childhood. Laura is now convinced he is really is Santa Claus and she rips the visitation papers up and throws them in the fireplace. At the end of the night Charlie is waiting for his dad to come back from delivering the presents, he thinks the ball is not working but while he was walking inside.

His father comes back and said, "I was only gone for a few minutes!" and asks him if he could go for a short ride.

Laura told Scott while he was flying away not over any lakes or rivers and yelled out...

The End

Actor Role
Tim Allen Scott Calvin/Santa Claus
Eric Lloyd Charlie Calvin
Wendy Crewson Laura Calvin-Miller
Judge Reinhold Dr. Neil Miller
Peter Boyle Mr. Whittle
David Krumholtz Bernard the Elf

The Santa Clause

There were 2 sequels too.

The Santa Clause 2 (2002)

Santa Clause 2

The Santa Clause 2

The Santa Clause 3 (2006)

Not as good as the first or second movie, but its worth too watch.

The Santa Clause 3

The Santa Clause 3


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